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From Ian:

Egyptian athlete takes photo with Israeli flag, sparks outrage
Twelve days after Egyptian judoka Islam El Shehaby refused to shake the hand of his Israeli opponent, the country is again up in arms over one of its Olympic athletes, and Israel is again the reason.
This time, after recently participating in a beach volleyball match in Rio, female athlete Doaa Elghobashy photographed herself posing with a fan draped in an Israeli flag.
The photo was posted to the Facebook page of the Israeli Embassy in Egypt, and to the web page of pro-Israel organization Stand With Us, which reported that it received the photo from one of its members in Brazil.
The 19-year-old Elghobashy, who had already made headlines at the Olympics for playing in a hijab (a veil that covers the head and chest), responded by saying she did not notice the Israeli flag. She told reporters: "This is a conspiracy against me. If I had known that flag would be in the picture, I would not have taken it."
She also suggested that "it's possible this picture was edited in Photoshop and the flag was inserted there to try and hurt me."
Several commenters on social media sites in Egypt vilified Elghobashy, but there were those who came to her defense.

Where are the Palestinian Gandhis?
The spate of “lone wolf” terrorism against Jews that began last October has further eroded our dream of living in peace with our Arab neighbors. It is easy to scoff at anyone who suggests that we need to continue pursuing peace. Nevertheless, we need to ask ourselves if it is possible to prevent future tragedies without establishing peace. A few decades ago, the Lubavitcher Rebbe proclaimed that Israel must establish unquestioned military superiority over the Arabs so they wouldn’t even contemplate fighting us. But he said that was only the first step to creating peace.
Since making Aliya a year-and-a-half ago for the second time in my life, after 27 years in the U.S., I have made “peace” my hobby. I have spoken to many Jews and Arabs (admittedly more of the former than the latter), and almost all of them say they want to live in peace with the other. However, they almost all say they have become disillusioned. They believe that the other side doesn’t really want peace but rather to engage in murder.
There is no need to argue to this readership that Jews want peace. We are a nation of שלום רודפי. But I have heard many Jews ask, “Where are the Palestinian Gandhis?” The belief is that if such figures existed, we would have achieved peace by now. This is also the question posed by Julia Bacha, a documentary filmmaker, in her excellent Ted Talk titled, Pay Attention to Nonviolence.
The answer to Bacha’s rhetorical question is that there are Palestinian Gandhis – many of them. But we don’t know of them because the media doesn’t pay attention to them. I will be informing you here about one of such individual, Ali Abu Awwad. Before I discuss him, a little background.
Muslims and Jews must combine to champion tolerance and stop the Isil-inspired hatred across the Middle East
Christianity has been part of the essential fabric of the Middle East for two thousand years. Far from being a Western import as some, incredibly, now seem to suggest, it was born here and exported as a gift to the rest of the world. Christian communities have been intrinsic to the development of Arab culture and civilisation.
This central role in our region and civilisation is why it is abhorrent to us, as a Muslim and a Jew, to see Christianity and Christians under such savage assault across our region.
We are appalled not only by the sickening attacks on our fellow human beings. We also know that to lose Christianity from its birthplace would be to destroy the richness of the tapestry of the Middle East and a hammer blow to our shared heritage. The reality is that we are all one community, united by shared beliefs and history. But this is increasingly denied, with Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, or Daesh as it is known in our region, taking the lead both in justifying and carrying out these attacks. The most recent issue of its publication Dabiq, headlined “Break the Cross”, explicitly rejects the fundamental belief that we are all People of the Book.
Fighters from al-Qaeda linked Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) marching in Raqqa, Syria
Daesh peddle an apocalyptic vision that harks back to a mythic Golden Age which is solely the creation of the warped minds of today’s jihadists. They are in the same mould as those whose misguided zeal turned Christian Europe in the Middle Ages into a byword for fanaticism and oppression. Daesh want to take us to a new Dark Age, an age made even darker by the dangers that the gifts of science and technology pose in their hands.
It is not just Christians, of course, who they have made targets for their hate. The search for religious purity poses a universal threat. As we have seen all too often, fundamentalists display a particular loathing for co-religionists whose views do not conform to their own. Daesh has shown itself as prepared to slaughter indiscriminately other Muslims as it has Jews, Christians and others, whatever their nationality: Jordanian or Egyptian, American, British or European.
HRH Prince Hassan of Jordan, is the founder and president of the Royal Institute for Inter-Faith Studies
Dr Ed Kessler is director of the Woolf Institute

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From Electronic Intifada:

An Israeli citizen is claiming asylum in Canada, citing his government’s escalating repression of political activism, particularly the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement.

Gilad Paz told The Electronic Intifada that he landed at Montreal airport on 11 August, after traveling from Tel Aviv, and immediately asked for political asylum.

He said he told the Canadian asylum officer that he is a BDS and human rights activist.

Paz, 34, is an attorney who specializes in civil cases and employment law. He has also been a member of Amnesty International’s Israel section and the leftist Zionist party Meretz for several years.

Paz says his BDS advocacy has taken place online, especially on Facebook, and he acknowledges that he has yet to face any personal consequences for speaking out.

Gilad Paz is preparing for his asylum hearing he says is scheduled for 29 September. His claim would have to succeed despite the fact that he has a thin resumé as an activist, notwithstanding Israel’s clear moves against human rights defenders.

Asked what he would do if his claim is rejected, he said, “In this case I will have to appeal or take the risk and come back to Israel and see what will happen.”

“I’m very, very afraid what is going to happen because the Israeli government knows I claimed asylum,” Paz added.
So a supposed BDS activist that no one had heard of before now is claiming not that he is being persecuted by Israel, but that he thinks he is about to be persecuted by Israel.

Why doesn't he apply for asylum in Ramallah? Oh, that's right - he's Jewish. Sorry.

It is obvious that this is a publicity stunt for Paz to jumpstart a career as an anti-Israel activist, since up until now no one has ever heard of him despite his claim to be a "human rights attorney." Apparently he started his supposed "activism" only a few weeks ago when he started sending friend requests to many well-known anti-Israel figures.''

On Facebook, his page has nothing original, just reports of anti-Israel articles by others. He is no activist - he is a failed lawyer ("self-employed") who couldn't figure out how to make a living in Israel so he decided to get some cheap publicity.

He is a fraud. Yet now Haaretz and YNet are giving him oxygen for his asylum gimmick.

Canada will laugh him out of the hearing on September 29, and Paz will then tell the media about how fearful he is to go back to the country where major newspapers call Israel "evil." And no one will look slightly behind his claims to see that he is a joke and playing the media for fools.

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From Iran's Ahlul Bayt news agency:
A large number of activists have held a demonstration in the US city of Los Angeles to protest against Israel and Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee.

The pro-Palestinian demonstrators marched on Monday night near the Beverly Hills home of Zionist billionaire Haim Saban, who was hosting a big a fundraising event for Clinton.

The protest rally was organized by the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement (or BDS Movement), which seeks to end the Israeli occupation and colonization of Palestinian lands.

...Zionist billionaires like Saban, Sorores [sic] and Sheldon Adelson have vowed to punish those who boycott Israel.
Soros a Zionist? Well, Iranian media isn't the first to think so.

Believe it or not, George Soros - who funds BDS-friendly organizations like Adalah - has himself been targeted by BDS for investing in Israeli companies in 2014:
The Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC), the largest coalition in Palestinian civil society that is leading the global Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement for Palestinian rights, called today for a boycott of the Soros Fund Management and the Open Society Foundations due to the recently announced[1] -- first-quarter 2014 -- investment by Soros in SodaStream stock and increased investment in Teva Pharmaceuticals, both Israeli companies that are deeply involved in violations of international law.
Since then, Soros' fund has sold Sodastream and Teva, invested in Teva again, and invested in at least two other Israeli companies plus Nobel Energy which invests in Israeli energy companies.

I don't see any Israeli companies in his current portfolio, but clearly his fund buys and sells Israeli holdings like those of any other country.

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One of the many misconceptions about Lebanon in the West is that it is liberal with respect to women's rights.

It is a classic example of how being liberal in comparison with the very low bar set in most of the Arab world is mistaken for being truly liberal.

A Pew study in 2014 showed both how liberal Lebanon is in comparison with its Arab neighbors - and how conservative it is in comparison with the West - with this simple question:

49% of Lebanese felt that women should be able to dress however they want, and 51% felt they should cover at least most of their hair.

This is hardly "liberal."

Similarly, in Lebanon there is a law that a rapist can go free if he marries his victim. This causes conservative families to often pressure their daughters to marry their rapists in order to avoid social stigma.

That is hardly "liberal."

A 2013 Now Lebanon article by Michelle Ghoussoub, titled "The Myth of Lebanese Liberalism," sums it up:
Yes, in Lebanon, we don’t have it all that bad. We can drive, dress as we like, study what we wish and have successful and fulfilling careers. But these norms should not be hailed as some kind of liberal victory, but rather, as minimal requirements for a state that at least tries to manage itself democratically. These so-called modern practices did nothing to help Roula Yaacoub when she was brutally murdered, allegedly by a husband who beat her regularly, and who remains a free man.

It frankly doesn’t mean much that women can dress provocatively and order a drink when their husbands can also legally rape them. Nor should we feel empowered by our right to date freely (within our religions, of course) when any woman who has lost her virginity is treated as damaged goods, or worse.
A new article in Now Lebanon points out that things are even worse - men can murder their wives for "honor" reasons without worrying too much about any consequences:
Lebanon has truly become (or has always been) a dangerous place for women. In recent years, Lebanon’s media began covering cases of women murdered by their spouses, and the frequency of the occurrence of violence against women revealed a pattern associated with deeply rooted patriarchal sentiments. And if being murdered by the person you vowed to share your life with isn’t tragic enough, in most cases, the judicial system did not deliver justice for the victims. The Lebanese public never knew the depth of the problem our society faces with unpunished domestic violence and the long-standing tradition of honor killings – which was, until recently, permissible by law. The following is a recap of some of the cases that made us aware of the injustices against women in our country and that also sparked public outrage over the judicial system’s handling of violence against women.

...Manal Assi was brutally murdered by her husband. After Manal confronted her husband about his marriage to another woman, he began to beat her with everything in sight – including kitchen utensils, cleaning equipment, tables and chairs. The doctor’s report mentioned serious injuries in almost every part of Manal’s body, and her husband confessed to calling her mother and having her watch her daughter being beaten to death. On July 16, the husband was given a “light sentence” of 5 years in prison for his crime. According to the sentence, Manal had “cheated” on her husband which made him angry and forced him to brutally kill her. The honor killing – which has been illegal in Lebanon since 2011 – was being revived in a completely shameful decision that ignored the violence Manal had endured for years at the hands of her husband. Tuesday is the deadline for the court to consider appealing the decision and KAFA is organizing a protest Tuesday morning to pressure the court.

Around Lebanon, many other women share a similar story. Crystal Abou Shakra was poisoned to death by her ex-husband, who she had divorced due to his acts of violence towards her. Again, her ex-husband was not indicted due to “lack of evidence.” Roqaya Monzer was shot at point blank by her husband when she asked for divorce due to his violent behavior. Zahraa Al-Qabout also faced a similar fate. This past week, a new victim was added to the list. Maymouna Abou Alaylah was murdered by her husband who reportedly used the glass that forms the base of the hookah to strike her on the head and then stabbing her repeatedly with a knife. These are just some of the cases that have been reported and the frightening reality is that many more cases are undisclosed.

The real battle here is that the killers of the women mentioned above are not paying for their crimes. The only way for this madness to stop is for justice to be served. These men knew beforehand that will not suffer the consequences of their actions in a country like Lebanon, which embraces patriarchy and suffers massively from corruption in its institutions. This unique and unfortunate alliance between corruption and sexism is why Lebanon is a dangerous place for women.
This is the best place to be a woman in the Arab world.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

  • Tuesday, August 23, 2016
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Monday was the 34th birthday of Avichai Adraee, the Arabic-language spokesperson for the IDF.

He mentioned it on Facebook in light of the party thrown for him at his office.

As of this writing, he received over 1700 comments from Arabic speakers around the world.

While many of the comments were the usual hate, with commenters cursing him and all Israelis, a surprising number of the comments were warm and sincere birthday greetings from Arabs.

Many of the positive comments came from Iraqis, causing much consternation in jihadist media and Egyptian sites calling it "shocking" and worried that Iraq is losing its anti-Israel mojo.

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From Ian:

Honest Reporting: How Accurately Does the Media Cover Israel?
I think that everyone who cares about Israel believes strongly that the mainstream media does not cover Israel accurately. We accept it as a given that almost all coverage represents an anti-Israel media bias that stems from either anti-Semitism, a liberal world view that sees the country in a negative light, or simply journalists who are ignorant of the complicated nuances of events here.
But Israel’s critics claim the media is biased in favor of Israel. Review some of the writing on sites like Electronic Intifada, and you would get a very different view.
Who’s right? Are we just taking our emotional attachment to Israel and making assumptions that anyone who does not see the country the same way must be biased? Is the truth somewhere in between the opinions of those who are pro and those who are critical of Israel?
I believe there are specific, objective criteria that can be used to show clearly that much of the mainstream media not only reflects an anti-Israel media bias, but is factually inaccurate.
But to effectively evaluate media coverage of Israel, we need to put our emotions, politics, and backgrounds aside. Otherwise it becomes just one of many political debates that journalists can effectively ignore.

NGO Monitor: Adalah, the New Israel Fund and BDS: The mystery of the Black Lives platform
The political platform recently published by the Movement for Black Lives repeats the demonizing rhetoric of the infamous antisemitic NGO Forum of the 2001 Durban Conference, which launched the BDS movement. The platform labels Israel as an “apartheid state”, accuses the country of committing “genocide” against Palestinians, calls for an end to military aid, and endorses the anti-Israel BDS movement, including opposition to the “expanding number of Anti-BDS bills being passed in states around the country.” In response, a number of mainstream Jewish organizations issued condemnations, including the American Jewish Committee, the Anti-Defamation League and the Reform movement’s Religious Action Center.
In the initial text, the Black Lives platform listed Nadia Ben-Youssef, who represents the Israel-based Adalah organization in the US, as an “author and contributor.” The BLM platform also included a reference to Israeli laws that allegedly “sanction discrimination against the Palestinian people,” based on the tendentious “database of discriminatory laws” published by Adalah. This publication refers to Zionism in a pejorative manner, and makes no distinction between laws that were actually passed by the Israeli Knesset and legislative proposals that went nowhere. Furthermore, laws promoting Zionism and the historic Jewish connection to Israel are labeled as discriminatory, including the use of Jewish symbols and the Hebrew calendar.
Adalah’s participation in the BLM project was not particularly surprising, as the NGO has often been involved in political campaigns that promote the Palestinian narrative and seek to isolate Israel through the use of labels such as “racist”, “apartheid” and “anti-democratic”. The reference to Adalah in the BLM platform was reported by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA) and other media frameworks, and noted by NGO Monitor.

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  • Elder of Ziyon
New housing built by Israel for Gazans in Sheikh Radwan
neighborhood, 1977
We've spoken about this before, but here is a 1977 LA Times article that shows how much UNRWA (and the PLO)  were against Israel moving Arabs into decent housing.

There was, of course, a postscript.

The UN condemned Israel for improving the lives of hundreds of Palestinians and for trying to get them out of these crime-ridden, crowded camps.

Many times.

For example, in 1976, resolution 31/15E:
The General Assembly,
1. Calls once more upon Israel:
(a) To take effective steps immediately for the return of the refugees concerned to the camps from which they were removed in the Gaza Strip and to provide adequate shelters for their accommodation;
(b) To desist from further removal of refugees and destruction of their shelters;
There was similar language in a 1979 resolution 34/52.

This article shows that UNRWA was more concerned over losing control of the lives of Palestinian Arabs than they were about improving their lives.

As it remains today.

The upshot is that Israel did everything it could to improve the lives of Palestinian Arabs, to make them self-sufficient and productive. 

The Arab world, most NGOs, and the UN have done the opposite. 

(h/t Ahron Shapiro)

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Words matter.

Words are used to explain reality but they can also be used to shape reality, to create it. Sometimes exchanging a single word for another can change the picture entirely.

Personally I don't believe there is any neutrality on the issue of Israel. There are people who are uninvolved and not particularly aware of the facts (in addition to those involved despite having no knowledge of the facts). The point is, there are facts - historical, cultural and religious, well documented facts. These can be disputed (and they often are) but not in arguments based on actual facts.

The people who wish to destroy Israel are hyper-aware of the power words have in creating reality and are consciously using well-chosen terminology to delegitimize Israel. Words are carefully chosen and used over and over as a mantra, a marketing slogan, until the general public begins to accept the words as accurate labels with historical, factual value.

Americans my age were told over and over: "Milk. It does a body good." We heard it so many times, most people believe that milk is healthy, never considering that this message, designed by people wanting to sell milk, may not actually be true.

The words chosen in regard to Israel are specifically intended to disconnect Jews from our homeland, to diminish our history to the point where it can be completely disregarded.

And it is working.

Worse than that – people who love and support Israel are taking part in this, reinforcing and legitimizing it by participating in the narrative of the enemy.

Let's be very clear: 

When you use the terminology of the enemy you empowering the enemy.

If you are using these terms you are strengthening and providing justification to those that hate Israel. You, who love Israel, agree with their concepts, accept their terminology and by extension, are helping to create a reality where their terms must be accepted.

1)  West Bank
West Bank seems like an innocuous term however it is its seeming innocence that makes it so deadly. "West Bank" is a term that takes the Jordan River as a reference point i.e. the west bank of the Jordan River.

The territory that is subtly being appropriated is Judea and Samaria, the heartland of Israel. This is the territory in which most of the bible took place. Shilo, the first capital of Israel is in the center of this territory. The Tabernacle was in Shilo for 369 years, before it was brought to Jerusalem.

Shilo can be found easily by following the directions contained in the Book of Judges (21:19). North of Bet El, east of the road heading from Bet El to Shechem (which the Arabs call Nablus), and south of Levona. The connection between this land and the Nation of Israel is very well documented.

The territory became disputed when it was conquered and occupied by the invading Jordanian army in 1948. When Israel was attacked in the 1967 Six Day War and had the temerity to actually win, regaining her ancient heartland and freeing Jerusalem it became popular to attempt to delegitimize this through terminology. 

In reality calling Judea and Samaria the West Bank, as if this land is part of Jordan, is no better than saying "the occupied territories." Can one really "occupy" their own home?
The war that the Arabs lost with soldiers and tanks is now being fought with words.

2)  Wailing Wall
This commonly used, highly offensive term is an ancient form of delegitimizing Jewish history by diminishing Jewish anguish at the loss of the ancient Jewish Temple, destroyed by the Romans in 70 CE.
This is the term of non-Jews who occupied Israel, ridiculing the pain of the Jews who stood weeping at the Kotel, the Western Wall, which is the only wall left standing of the ancient Temple in the heart of Jerusalem.
During the period of Christian Roman rule over Jerusalem (ca. 324–638), Jews were completely barred from Jerusalem except to attend Tisha be-Av, the day of national mourning for the first and second Temples, and on this day the Jews would weep at the holy site. The term "Wailing Wall" was thus almost exclusively used by Christians, and was revived in the period of non-Jewish control between the establishment of British Rule in 1920 and the Six-Day War in 1967.
This derogatory term mocks the pain of the Jewish people, as in "there go those Jews, weeping again."
Damn straight. We have much to mourn and weeping is a reasonable reaction to deep, painful loss. Would you mock a child whose mother was murdered in front of him? Would you ridicule the child who always remembered and mourned the loss of his mother? The Temple was the heart of the Nation of Israel, the center of the Jewish religion and culture. The Jewish people have not forgotten this and standing next to the Kotel, the Western Wall of the Temple that once stood on the Temple Mount in the heart of Jerusalem is a poor substitute for what is supposed to be there, for what was once there.
Kotel is the word used in Hebrew which simply means "Wall". The choice of this term is indicative of the importance of the structure in the Jewish mind – this one remaining wall is so significant that it is not necessary to detail which wall is being mentioned, it is THE Wall. It is not the Wall itself that is holy, it was the Temple and what stood at its center that was holy. 2000 years, exile and many terrible experiences along the way, have not been enough to make the Jewish people forget the importance of the Temple. The Wall has grown in significance because it is all that remains of the Temple, because of that it is precious.

"Western Wall" is a factual description of the Wall. The Kotel is the western wall of the Temple and it is perfectly reasonable to describe it as such. The "Wailing Wall" is an offensive term, used to belittle and diminish the Jewish people and our connection to Israel and Jerusalem. If that is not your goal, don't use that term. 

3)  Palestine
The most effective media stunt in the history of the world, Palestine is a term used for one goal: to wipe Israel off the map.

Palestine is a name given to the Land of Israel for the sole purpose of disconnecting the Jewish people from Judea, from Israel, from Zion. This was done in the 2nd century CE, when the Romans crushed the revolt of Shimon Bar Kokhba (132 CE), and gained control of Jerusalem and Judea which was renamed Palaestina in an attempt to minimize Jewish identification with the land of Israel. After World War I, the name “Palestine” was applied to the territory that was placed under British Mandate; this area included not only present-day Israel but also present-day Jordan. Leading up to Israel’s independence in 1948, it was common for the international press to label Jews, not Arabs, living in the mandate as Palestinians.

Words give meaning and form to reality, thus names are of vast importance. It is obvious that Jews belong in Judea, but who belongs in Palestine?

Palestine is and always was, a politically motivated name. It is a name that is meant to denigrate and destroy the Jewish connection to her homeland. Arab “Palestinians” are a nationality invented to facilitate and justify cleansing Jews from Israel.

If you will – calling Israel, “Palestine” is the original hate speech.

Before the Final Solution was formulated, Hitler wanted to send the Jews "home to Palestine." At the time there was no question regarding where the Jews belong. Now Jews in Israel are being told to "go home" to Europe. We are being told that we are occupiers of a land called Palestine, that we have usurped a people called the Palestinians. 

This insidious lie has taken root within the world culture to the point where many nations around the world have recognized the existence of a Palestinian people and even declared there to be a country called Palestine. The fact that this is a modern day invention meant to REPLACE Israel is completely ignored.

The historical facts are indisputable. There have been Arabs in the region for centuries. There are Israeli Arabs, Jordanian Arabs, Syrian, Lebanese and Egyptian Arabs. There are Arabs in Gaza and Arabs in Judea and Samaria. There are Muslim Arabs and Christian Arabs.

(There used to be Jews in all the same areas, before it became necessary for Jews to flee Arab ruled lands.)

There never was a Palestinian people. This modern day invention based on the geographical territory Palaestina was created for the sole purpose of undermining Israel.

And it is working.

The Palestinian myth has taken root in the political arena, leading many to assume that with the right leadership, a country called Palestine can live peacefully next to Israel. The Two State Solution places Palestine instead of Judea and Samaria, the heartland of Israel, the territory that is or historical and religious connection to this land. The assumption that this is a reasonable or even feasible solution ignores the Arabs in Jaffa, Akko and Haifa that consider themselves "Palestinians." It is Arabs throughout Israel who are dreaming of a new land instead of Israel.

When a place called Palestine replaces Judea, it will be possible for "Palestinians" to replace the Jews.

The Arabs that never accepted the existence of the Jewish State, who lost all the wars they waged against Israel and the Jewish people are winning the war of ideas. They are winning because people like you and me are adopting their terminology and accepting the concepts and reality being constructed by those words.

Words matter. Choose wisely.

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From Ian:

Caroline Glick: Soros’s campaign of global chaos
As far as Israel is concerned, Soros-backed groups work to delegitimize every aspect of Israeli society as racist and illegitimate. The Palestinians are focal point of his attacks. He uses them to claim that Israel is a racist state. Soros funds moderate leftist groups, radical leftist groups, Israeli Arab groups and Palestinian groups. In various, complementary ways, these groups tell their target audiences that Israel has no right to defend itself or enforce its laws toward its non-Jewish citizens.
In the US, Soros backed groups from BLM to J Street work to make it socially and politically acceptable to oppose Israel.
The thrust of Soros’s efforts from Ferguson to Berlin to Jerusalem is to induce mayhem and chaos as local authorities, paralyzed by his supported groups, are unable to secure their societies or even argue coherently that they deserve security.
In many ways, Donald Trump’s campaign is a direct response not to Clinton, but to Soros himself.
By calling for the erection of a border wall, supporting Britain’s exit from the EU, supporting Israel, supporting a temporary ban on Muslim immigration and supporting the police against BLM, Trump acts as a direct foil to Soros’s multi-billion dollar efforts.
The DCLeaks exposed the immensity of the Soros-funded Left’s campaign against the foundations of liberal democracies. The “direct democracy” movements that Soros support are nothing less than calls for mob rule.
The peoples of the West need to recognize the common foundations of all Soros’s actions. They need to realize as well that the only response to these premeditated campaigns of subversion is for the people of the West to stand up for their national rights and their individual right to security. They must stand with the national institutions that guarantee that security, in accordance with the rule of the law, and uphold and defend their national values and traditions.

How the UN Enables Massacres
The Syria Campaign, an advocacy group, has put together a meticulous report arguing that the United Nations has hopelessly compromised itself by agreeing to the Syrian regime’s terms and filtering money and aid through the Syrian government. The Executive Summary minces no words:
By choosing to prioritize cooperation with the Syrian government at all costs, the UN has enabled the distribution of billions of dollars of international aid to be directed by one side in the conflict. This has contributed to the deaths of thousands of civilians, either through starvation, malnutrition-related illness, or a lack of access to medical aid. It has also led to the accusation that this misshapen UN aid operation is affecting – perhaps prolonging – the course of the conflict itself.
Alas, this is absolutely true. The real tragedy is that the UN’s decisions and compromises were eminently foreseeable. After all, Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon is simply following the precedent established by his predecessors Kofi Annan and Boutros Boutros Ghali, and their dealings with Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, alas, with the same exact results.

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  • Elder of Ziyon
A Tunisian singer has been receiving withering insults after a photo of him with an IDF officer from the COGAT unit has spread through social media.

Saber al-Rebai, a famous Tunisian singer, posed for this photo after he crossed over the Allenby Bridge from Jordan to the West Bank to perform in a concert in Rawabi. The IDF's COGAT unit coordinates such crossings.

Rebai was forced to go on TV to explain what happened and to insist that he is against normalization with Israel, and in fact he supports the Palestinians wholeheartedly.

He said on his Facebook page that as he crossed over from Jordan, a person in a uniform he didn't recognize introduced himself in Arabic as "Hadi" and said he was responsible for keeping him away from Israelis. 

Yes, Rebai  is really claiming that. 

He then released a flurry of photos and videos showing him with Mahmoud Abbas and wearing a keffiyeh during the concert to show how much he loved Palestinians.

He concluded his Facebook message by saying that "to visit the prisoner doesn't mean normalization with the jailer."

It is interesting to contrast the unrelenting hostility that the Arab world has to the very idea of appearing friendly with any Israeli to the COGAT logo itself:

In the zero-sum mentality of the Arabs, if Israel wants to be friendly than friendship itself becomes a source of intense shame. 

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  • Tuesday, August 23, 2016
  • Elder of Ziyon
Throughout Judea and Samaria, Israel places signs warning Jews not to travel down certain roads because it is dangerous:

A few years ago, some Israeli leftists from a group called "We do not obey" decided that these signs were racist because they depict Palestinians as dangerous terrorists. So they covered some of these signs telling Israeli civilians that they are welcome to visit the friendly Palestinian population:

As +972 reported at the time:
“We got really good reactions from Palestinians wherever we went, and people told us they feel like the original signs portray them as would-be murderers to be careful of,” Rivka Sum, one of the activists in the group, told +972. “One person said that every day when he comes home from work and drives by that sign, he is immediately depressed by the thought that Israelis reading it might think of him as a blood-thirsty cannibal or something.”

In a Haaretz column (Hebrew) author, translator and one of the founders of the group, Ilana Hammerman, stated that putting up the signs was also for the benefit of Israeli drivers. “Fewer and fewer are those Israelis today who dare to acquaint themselves with this reality, with which their state’s fate is intertwined,” she writes. “We want people to know that these roads lead to the residences of human beings … to know that really it is the roads of military (enforced) segregation that lead to doom.” In their official statement the group added: “This is our way to express our protest against this method of threats and intimidation. The signposts that are supposedly for our ‘security’ violate the surrounding environment and their only purpose is to scare and to cause conflict between Jews and Arabs.”

Last night, a group of religious Hasidic Jews - not particularly known for their Zionism - attempted to test the theory espoused by "We do not obey." They violated Israeli law to visit Joseph's Tomb in Nablus.

Here's what happened:

An IDF force was rushed to Joseph's Tomb in Shechem yesterday, after an Israeli bus that entered the area of the Tomb without advance coordination was violently attacked by rioting Arabs.

The Arabs threw rocks at the bus, containing 60 Jews of the Breslov hassidic sect, as IDF forces quickly evacuated passengers from the scene.

A number of the passengers were injured from the rock-throwing and were treated at the scene. 32 of the Israelis were detained for investigation after they were successfully extricated from the scene. It is being checked whether the bus entered the premises with Palestinian license plates.

An Israeli medic on the scene noted that a 17-year-old Israeli youth was evacuated to Schneider Hospital with head injuries. His condition is defined as "light."

An IDF spokesman said, following the incident, "the IDF emphasizes that civilian entrance into 'Area A' [so-called 'Palestinian areas' of Judea and Samaria] is dangerous and constitutes a transgression of law."

Police also condemned the incident: "We see the incident tonight as very severe, uncoordinated entry [into the Tomb complex] without security is dangerous for both civilians and security forces coming to rescue them. Entry in to Area A without permission is a criminal offense."
This incident shows, yet again, that the Palestinians aren't protesting the presence of Israeli security forces, as they like to portray themselves. They attacked a bus-full of Jews for no other reason than because they are Jewish.

They weren't greeted with coffee and snacks, as anti-Israel Westerners love to pretend is the norm when they visit Palestinians.

They were greeted with rocks and rioting and threats to their lives.

The "We Do Not Obey" theory was tested. Everyone can see the results.

We have lots of ideas, but we need more resources to be even more effective. Please donate today to help get the message out and to help defend Israel.

Monday, August 22, 2016

  • Monday, August 22, 2016
  • Elder of Ziyon

During a Fatah Central Committee meeting on Monday, Mahmoud Abbas said "The Al-Aqsa Mosque is a red line."

What exactly he meant is unclear from the article, but a similar statement he made in June included some more detail:

Mahmoud Abbas said the Palestinian people are instrumental in the defense of Jerusalem and the holy sites, adding that the Al-Aqsa mosque is a red line - we will not allow daily attacks and violations by the occupation forces and settlers.
It appears as if he is saying that it is permitted to use any means to block any Jews from visiting the Temple Mount.

Funny - he said the same thing last year, two weeks before his people's murder spree started.

I guess it is only a matter of time before he invokes "filthy feet" again.

We have lots of ideas, but we need more resources to be even more effective. Please donate today to help get the message out and to help defend Israel.

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